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1K to 800KVA On-line UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply

    Capacity: 1K to 800KVA, Optional 
    Voltage: 110V/220V

    Colar: Black or Customization
      Brand: Archibald or Customization label

    Network, data centre, servers and work stations, control system,
                            communication, Telecom system, power station,security,
                            hospital, school, Air Conditioner, Printer, home and office etc.

      Certificaiton: CE/UL/ISO9001/Rohs

Pure sine wave Double conversion online UPS 5kva with battery inside

ups xd battery.jpgxd battery tech.jpg


xd battery Fe .jpg

* Double conversion online technology.
* MCU intelligent control.
* Wide input voltage range。
* LCD and LED user interface。
* Advanced battery management(ABM).
* Cold start.
* Short circuit and overload protection.
* Self-test when UPS start。
* Auto restart after utility power restore when UPS shutdown due to battery low.
* Over temperature and over voltage protection.
* Optional extension battery pack.
* EMI/RFI noise filter.



1 (1).png

xd battery app.jpg

xd battery ups2.jpg

ups 12v 7ah battery


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