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2V 500AH Deep Cycle Battery Storage Battery

    Warranty: 3 Years

    Voltage: 2V
    Capacity: 500AH
    Dimensions: L240 * W175 * H330mm
    Colar: Gray or Customization
      Maintenance Type: Free
      Brand: Archibald or Customization label


    Communication, Traffic, IT, Financial, UPS, Solar, Radio,
    Electric Power, Data Centre, Aviation, Home,Electrocar ,etc.

      Certificaiton: CE/UL/ISO9001/Rohs

2V 500AH Deep Cycle Battery Storage Battery 


1. Long-term discharge characteristics.

2. Suitable for use in standby and energy storage power supplies.

3. Special plate design, long cycle life.

4。 Special lead-calcium alloy formulation enhances the corrosion resistance of the grid and extends battery life。

5. Dedicated partitions enhance battery internal performance.

6。 The large heat capacity reduces the risk of thermal runaway, is not easy to dry, and can be used in harsh environments。

7。 Gas compounding efficiency is high。

8. There is very little water loss without electrolyte stratification.

9. Longer shelf life.

10. Good deep discharge recovery performance.

11。 The use of fumed silica has a small particle size and a large specific surface area。



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