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3kva 6kva 10kva 30kva 100kva 200kva to 800kva Online UPS Price High Low Frequency Industrial UPS

Color:Black or custom
Capacity:500V to 800KVA


3kva 6kva 10kva 30kva 100kva 200kva to 800kva UPS 

Easily to Solve 9 Major Problems 30kva ups
1.Lightniing-Proof , Anti-Surge
5.Harmonic distortioin
6.Electronic jamming
7.Electricity interruption
8.Frequency fluctuation
9.Power sags

|Technical Specification

Model 10K 30K 30K 40K 60K 80K 100K 120K 160K 200K 300K 400K
Capacity(KW) 8KW 16KW 24KW 32KW 48KW 64KW 80KW 96KW 128KW 160KW 340KW 320KW
Work Way Online supply power,Static bypass switch, double conversion technology
Phase 3 phase + N + G
Input voltage 380VAC±25%
Input frequency 50Hz ± 10% , 60Hz ± 10%
Soft start 0-100% 5 sec
Battery NO. 32pca(42pcs)-12V
Battery Voltage 384 VDC(480VDC)
Float Voltage 405 VDC(240VDC)
Charger current 1A-40A (base on your battery capacity)
Rated power capacity × 0.8
Phase 3 phase + N + G
Output voltage 380VAC±1%(balance load), 380VAC±5%(non-balance load)
Output frequency 50Hz±0.05% , 60Hz±0.05%(battery supply power)
Crest Factor 3: 1
Waveform Pure sine wave
THD Linear load<2% , non-linear load <5%
Dynamic voltage <±5%
Instant recovery time <10ms
Balance load voltage <±1% , <±5% (unlalance load voltage)
Over load 125% 1min , 150% 1s
Inverter efficiency >91%
Transfer time 0ms
Communication interface Rs232 , 485
Work temperature 0-40℃
Humidity 30%-90%
Altitude <1000 meters (the power will cut down 1% when the altude add every 100 meters, the max altitude is 4000 meters)
Noise db 40-50 45-55 55-65 65-75
Product size 10-20K 30-40K 60-120K 100-200K 300-400K
60.5*40.5*91.5 82*43*116 97.5*55.5*129 180*110*168 2200*850
Weight 140 210 280 320 420 490 560 680 900 2100 2200 2500
Optinal Paralled module, fiter, inpute is olatioin transformer, intelligent monitoring software, SNMP adapter

|Feature  Technical Specification

* Double conversion online technology。

* MCU intelligent control.
* Wide input voltage range。
* LCD and LED user interface.
* Advanced battery management(ABM).
* Cold start.
* Short circuit and overload protection。
* Self-test when UPS start.
* Auto restart after utility power restore when UPS shutdown due to battery low。
* Over temperature and over voltage protection。
* Optional extension battery pack.
* EMI/RFI noise filter.

30kva ups
More outlets
Meets more rquirementsUp to 4 international 3-holeoutput sockets can meet yourmore needs。 Alllike com putermainframes, monitors, stereos, 。routers, etc。, can be used tohelp you save money。Well-known brand battery。

30kva ups
3 Years Warranty
Storage battery is one of themain components of UPS,
decide the discharge time ofthe UPS and service life of theuninterruptible power supply。XD offer 3 years warranty, life-time maintain service。

30kva ups

Intelligent Chipset       |      High quality materials ,safety standards      |      Green flameretardant shell

Different size patch board

30kva ups 30kva ups


30kva ups Computer System
Protect hardware devices from damage caused by commercial power conflicts and loss of data You can automatically archive files and then shut down the computer, when the computer installs Win power monitoring software,
30kva ups Network Equipment
At the end of the market point, c1-3kva canbe transferred to the regulator and router toensure the normal operation of network equipment at the same time.
30kva ups Business/Office Equipment
Protect ATM equipment, POS machines, printers, scanners,fax machines and other office equipmentDamage caused by surge current surges。
30kva ups Monitoring and Automation Control System
Excellent quality, stable work, easy to deal with allkinds of harsh environment, ensure the safe oper-ation of monitoring system, electric locomotiverailway signal system, SCADA system, etc。

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30kva ups
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