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Wind and solar hybrid electric system for street lights

      Brand: Archibald or Customization label
      Solar Panel :
    Application: Street Light
      Certificaiton: CE/UL/ISO9001/Rohs



-Top grade lead materials, purity near 100%.
-Contains nano-scale gel electrolyte.
-Deep cycle and maintenance free.
-Low self-discharge.
-Deep discharge resistant.
-Sealed without electrolyte leakage.
-Superior performance in high and cold environment.

Solar Panel
-Poly/mono- crystalline cell panels both available.
-A grade cells adopted to create higher efficiency。
-High light transmission, low iron。
-Tempered glass, anti-aging.
-Strong structure to withstand high wind pressure, hail and snow load.
-High compact resistant aluminum alloy frame。

System Controller
-High efficiency LED driver-built in。
-Wireless remote control for lighting modifications.
-Dimming and multi time phase setting。
-Multi protection functions.
-IP68 waterproof.

-Power: 100w-300w
-Start-up wind speed: 2.0m/s
-Rated wind speed: 13m/s
-Survival wind speed: 50m/s
-Matirial: nylon fiber and aluminum
-Wind Turbine Controller is inclusive.


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